(WARNING: I am very very obnoxious and annoying... erhm sometimes)
Hi! I love anime and I am in my teens! I can accept any submissions or questions you ask me so feel free to ask! As you know, my url is Hiyu0ki.... For short, just say Hiyu. Actually, I don't mind so you can call me either my full url or just "Hiyu." I have a list of favorite animes. My top three is:

1- Noragami
2- Dangan Ronpa(the animation)
3- Magi the Labyrinth of Magic

You can recommend any anime and I'll watch it. Maybe it will be on my top three anime list! XD
I post mostly Kagepro, SnK, Dangan ronpa, sdr2 and some other things that I post less often.

These are the languages I am learning and speak:
mi español es malo T T

Feel free to use either of these languages to ask me!

(no mean comments or else... I'll Gasai Yuno you, bwahahahahahaha!)

PS. I have a fanfic account if you wanna check it out XD

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